HOW TO: Rose Gold eyeshadow look

It can be scary playing with colour, especially on the eyes!

Often I get asked how to use pinks and red eyeshadows on the eyes without it looking like a mess, so I've created this super easy soft Rose Gold eyeshadow look to show you how you can add a bit of colour, but in a really soft way - perfect for summer!

I've also teamed it up with the rest of my makeup - so you can see how to get this fun summer look!

Key Products used:

  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup Eye primer
  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup Silver Smoke Eyeshadow quad
  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup "Rose Gold" Baked blush
  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup Sheer Mineral Bronzer "Rio Dejanero"
  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup Lip liner "Nectarine"
  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup Luxe Lipstick "Mimi"
  • Eleanor Dorn Makeup Highlighting Shimmer Powder
  • #6 Brush
  • #7 Brush
  • #5 Brush

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