HOW TO: Make your makeup last longer

A commonly asked question - How do I make my makeup last longer???

It can be annoying when you have spent time in the morning getting your makeup just right - only to look in the mirror at lunch time and find it has disappeared!! 

In this video I am sharing some quick tips for longer lasting makeup, these techniques are fast and easy to add into your makeup routine but will have you looking flawless, longer.

Key Products used:

- She Aromatherapy Australia Pure magic primer (available at here!)
- Eleanor Dorn Makeup Invisible blotting powder
- Eleanor Dorn Makeup Loose translucent power
- Eleanor Dorn Makeup Eyeshadow Primer
- Eleanor Dorn Makeup Full Cover Concealer
- Eleanor Dorn Makeup Lip Liner
- Mecca Maxima 'Mecca Max' Maximum setting spray

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